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Why Apply?

  • Evaluate

    The latest and most advanced motion control tools, features and capabilities released by ACS Motion Control.

  • Educate

    Your machine design team benefits from learning how to use unique and innovative motion control tools and capabilities.

  • Accelerate

    The motion system adoption process by using our equipment and motion systems.

  • Minimize

    Your technical risk when developing your next generation motion system.

Smarter Motion & Better Throughput

Improve your Machine’s
Accuracy and Throughput...

Evaluating the numerous performance advantages ACS Motion Control offers original equipment manufacturers just became a whole lot easier. Machine builders now have the opportunity to test and evaluate these features on a fully-integrated precision motion system, right at their desk.

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Educate & Equip the Machine Design Team

Put the Latest Tools and Motion Control Technologies
in Your Team’s Hands...

Testing new products and features and training machine design engineers doesn't need to consume space on your production floor nor should you need to reserve machine-time. Our evaluation kits are fully connectorized and out-of-box ready. Start evaluating the motion control features that matter most to your organization on day one.

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MMI Application Studio

All-in-One Development Environment

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CAD to Motion Machine Control Interface

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Motion Stage Performance Analysis

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Advanced Motion and Machine Simulation

Faster Development & Greater Flexibility

Build Smarter Machines and Bring Them to Market Faster...

Sophisticated machine features require a flexible, robust development environment. Learn how quick and effortless software developers can write motion programs using our evaluation kits and other hardware and simulation capabilities. Choose from a long list of available host programming libraries and start developing a feature rich, high performance multi-axis motion system.

How it Works

Choose From a Range of Motion Controllers and Drives to Evaluate...

ACS Motion Control has invested in a new evaluation program designed to simplify the new supplier evaluation process for select original equipment machine manufacturers. Accepted applicants will select from a variety of motion controllers and drives, optionally available as part of a fully integrated motion system. Participants will work alongside ACS application engineers, testing unique motion control and software features that are best suited to improve the machine manufacturers motion performance and machine development experience.

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ECM Series

All-in-One Controller & Drives

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SPiiPlus Series

EtherCAT-based Motion Control Platform

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IDM Series

DS402 EtherCAT Drives

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